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Free Software Conference - South Tyrol 2019

Our talks on the SFSCon about Elasticsearch

Author Martin
Martin12th December 2019

The Free Software Conference South Tyrol, SFSCon, is one of the most famous annual conferences on Free Software in Europe. SFScon stands and promotes Free Software in IT infrastructures and systems in order to promote innovation and competitiveness in the region. It is a great event where decision makers and developers can meet, exchange and inspire each other. We as About Bits also wanted to make our contribution to the community this year and therefore prepared 2 presentations about Elasticsearch.

Tips and Tricks for Building a Full-Featured Full-Text Search using Elasticsearch

Alex Lanz shares his experience from several projects where he used Elasticsearch as the basis for a search engine. The talk awakens the enthusiasm through the hands-on examples, which are otherwise rarely found in technical documentation. Alex tells from an anecdote about a webshop of MPreis (grocery store) where it was not possible to find cream products because customers in Austria are not looking for "Sahne" but for "Schlagobers". This is only one of many examples. Watch the full length talk of Alex in the following video.

SFScon19 - Alex Lanz - Tips and Tricks for Building a Full-Featured Full-Text Search using Elasticsearch at the SFScon 2019.

Writing to ElasticSearch! How to keep the search speed consistent?

Martin Malfertheiner's talk will deal with the topic of indexing in Elasticsearch. He takes the audience with him on a journey of a young startup that had to scale from a few thousand users per month to several million users per month within a few years. This talk will report from this time and discuss how Apache Kafka can help to keep control over the indexing in Elasticsearch.

SFScon19 - Martin Malfertheiner - Writing to ElasticSearch at the SFScon 2019.

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