EMVA - Assistenza Sanitaria dell' Alto Adige, 2023
EMVA - Assistenza Sanitaria dell' Alto Adige, 2023
Concept, Design, Development
Java, Spring Boot, PostgreSQL, Typescript, React, Next.js
EMVA ERP - Implementation of a customized ERP software with customer portal that offers efficient and advanced claims processing and comprehensive membership management to optimize service quality and customer care in the insurance sector.

About the customer

EMVA is a mutual assistance body with 40 years of experience focusing on health protection in South Tyrol. Its services are aimed in particular at the self-employed, entrepreneurs and employees, offering protection against financial risks in the event of illness or accident. The focus is on the efficient and uncomplicated processing of claims in order to offer members and their families security and support.

ERP - New request

ERP - New request

About the project

This project was initiated to replace the existing ERP solution with a new web-based platform. The aim of the new software is to optimize the insurance company's workflows and reduce manual processes. During the concept phase, which was characterized by several workshops and feedback loops, we worked with the customer to develop optimal digital processes. Our newly developed web platform now completely dispenses with paper, significantly reducing the time required to process a claim. The software serves two user groups: the insurance company's employees and its members.

For employees, the platform offers a customized ticket system for processing claims, a clear administration system for enrolments and fund memberships, as well as the option of collecting membership fees via bank payment slip or SEPA direct debit. It also facilitates the execution of payments by cheque or bank transfer. Automated processes such as the sending of emails make the daily work of employees even easier.

Members of the insurance company benefit from a user-friendly interface in the customer portal, which they can use to submit their claims quickly and easily. Processes that were previously carried out by post or email are now automatically fed into the ticket system, saving the insurance company's team a considerable amount of time. Overall, this software solution represents a significant improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of claims processing.

The customer wanted to replace its manually created Excel spreadsheets with a BI solution. The aim was to provide real-time access to member data, benefits, payouts and other relevant information in order to automate reporting. An open source BI solution was installed for this purpose. After a short training phase, the customer is now able to create and manage dashboards and statistics independently.

ERP with customer portal

  • Ticketing system for claims processing
  • Management of members and fund memberships
  • SEPA direct debit / Freccia bank deposit slip
Customer portal
  • Payment via online banking
  • Customer portal for members
  • Open source BI solution


The successful implementation of the customized ERP solution with customer portal has drastically reduced the workload in claims management to such an extent that the frequency of benefit payments has doubled. Thanks to the real-time reporting system, the management always has the latest figures and can therefore react more quickly.

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