Bookiply, 2020
Bookiply, 2020
Kubernetes, Docker, Express.js
Tool to generate websites for owners of holiday flats and houses.

About the client

Bookiply is a tech company from Germany that is active in the tourism industry. More precisely, their product is a software for the management of holiday homes. The principle of Bookiply is very simple: a homeowner can set up a showcase for his holiday apartments on the intuitively designed platform. The user uploads photos and texts and the portal then allows him to enter and manage the availabilities for the apartment or house. Once online, Bookiply distributes the information to selected channels for booking holiday accommodation. The showcases are compatible with several platforms, for example, large portals such as and Airbnb.

Generation of websites for owners of holiday flats and houses

Generation of websites for owners of holiday flats and houses

About the project

In order to provide its customers with multiple channels internally, and thus an offer for greater visibility, Bookiply has developed its own tool that allows homeowners to automatically create a website for their own properties.The design and planning of these websites can be implemented intuitively and is mostly automated. The goal was to generate the websites automatically through one click. In addition, the user receives his own domain for his product website. In order to facilitate the design process of the websites and without requiring a profound knowledge in website development, Bookiply provides a number of templates.


  • Automatically generated website
  • Own domain
Website of holiday flats and houses
Website of holiday flats and houses
  • Different templates
  • Responsive design
  • Fast loading times


The Bookiply Home Owner Webistes enables users to automatically generate websites for their own holiday homes without requiring a profound knowledge of web development. Having your own domain ensures a higher visibility in organic searches. Various templates help users to give their own website the desired structure without detours. Due to the responsive design, the generated website automatically adapts to the screens of different devices or different sizes.

We recently started working with Aboutbits and will continue to do so moving forward because of their broad knowledge, both from a technical and business point of view, and their ability to deliver solutions adapted to our needs. We appreciate their proactive communication keeping us up to date on projects as well as their autonomy which frees up management resources.
Justin Walklet
Managing Director
Justin Walklet

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