Servizi S.T. - Concept and design elaboration of a product suite

Servizi S.T. - Concept and design elaboration of a product suite
Servizi S.T. SRL, 2022
Servizi S.T. SRL, 2022
Concept, Design (Logo Design, App Icon Design, Elaboration Corporate Design Manual)
Adobe Illustrator, Figma, FigJam
Next Suite - A brand new visual identity for a package of software solutions. The suite consists of four individual products, all of which contribute to efficient and environmentally friendly mobility in urban areas.

About the customer

Servizi S.T. is a South Tyrolean IT company with 25 years of experience in the public transportation sector. The company focuses on system integration and the development of its own products. In addition, the company offers asset management and maintenance management services for institutions and public operators that need appropriate IT solutions to monitor and improve their services.

Corporate design manual

Corporate design manual

About the project

The project consisted of the elaboration of a brand identity for the new "Next Suite" product group. The approach chosen was to develop a holistic concept that would take into account all the products in the suite and connect them through a clear and dynamic design. After a concept was developed, an individual look was created for each of the four products. Each of the designs developed must identify with the others in the suite, while containing a clear identification as an individual product. The concept is based on the common concept "efficient and sustainable urban mobility by connecting existing solutions", which applies to all products of the suite. Based on this statement, a corporate design was developed to aesthetically emphasise this concept. To make the application of the elaborated designs as easy as possible for the client, templates were created for the different application areas. The project will continue with future product support in the area of user interface and user experience design in order to incorporate the corporate design into the products and thus consolidate the brand's presence in the digital sphere as well.

Corporate identity

  • Uniform suite design
  • Individual product recognition
Individual product recognition
From analysis and research to a corporate design manual
  • From analysis and research to a corporate design manual
  • Cross-media continuity of design (print and digital)


The elaboration of the corporate design for the product suite gives the individual products a clear and individual appearance. At the same time, it is clearly evident that all products of the suite have a common denominator and thus visually complement each other. The simple application of the elements makes it possible to serve different communication channels without time-consuming and costly processing, hence strengthening the brand presence.

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