WM Connect - IoT platform for connected ice processing machines

WM Connect - IoT platform for connected ice processing machines
WM GmbH, 2022
WM GmbH, 2022
Concept, Design, Development, Hosting
Java, Spring Boot, PostgreSQL, Typescript, React, Next.js
WM Connect - an IoT cloud platform to optimise uptime and save energy costs. In addition, real-time communication was established with WM's globally unique Autopilot to operate the machine remotely.

About the customer

WM technics develops and manufactures high-quality ice processing machines for all surfaces and needs. The company is known for its strength of innovation and the exploration of technical limits. These locally manufactured products are used all over the world, including in the ice stadiums of the most prestigious ice hockey leagues.

Ice processing machine - Overview

Ice processing machine - Overview

About the project

The client wanted to develop a solution to make sensor data from its ice machines accessible to its customers with the help of a cloud platform. Using the WM Connect system, the ice rink staff and manager can keep track of energy consumption, wear and tear parts and running times of individual machine components in an overview. This makes it possible to plan maintenance work in advance, maximise uptime and save on energy costs. But WM's innovation does not stop there. In addition to the WM Connect system, engineers have developed a unique autopilot for the latest WM ice machines. Thanks to the developed application, the user can control and configure the autopilot remotely via direct communication between the device and the machine. The developed cloud platform also enables over-the-air updates to continuously improve the machine software and ensure safety. On-site service interventions can thus be minimised.


  • IoT platform
  • Direct communication between app and machine
  • Over-the-air updates
Visualization of machine data
  • Sensor data processing and visualisation
  • Notification center
  • Central management of users and customers


The successful development of the WM Connect system enables the monitoring of sensor data from the ice processing machines via a cloud platform. The connection to control the world's unique autopilot enables ice foremen to operate the machine remotely. The resulting increase in uptime, savings in energy costs and minimization of on-site service makes the project a success.

AboutBits is a reliable partner for the digitalization of our ice processing machines. The developed application gives our customers the opportunity to work with our products more efficiently. Alex and Martin have always combined their ideas with our visions, and this has enabled us to achieve the best possible result. Their way of working is very determined and professional. We will definitely continue the cooperation with AboutBits for several future projects.
Roman Treibenreif
Construction & Development
Roman Treibenreif

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